Offseason Outlook: Quarterback

The Eagles 2018 season is finally over. It didn’t end the way anyone wanted, but it sure was fun down the stretch. When Carson Wentz went down with an injury for the second year in a row, Nick Foles came on in relief. He led the Birds to a 4-1 record, including a Wildcard victory against the Bears in Chicago. During that run, Nate Sudfeld was one injury away from meaningful snaps. Could he have stepped up if needed? Will Nick Foles be here next year? Let’s take a look at the Eagle’s quarterback situation heading into the offseason, as well as what I would do if I were running the Front Office.

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Week 4 Pre-Game Predictions

It is time for the Week 4 Pre-Game Predictions for this afternoon’s Eagles @ Titans match-up. I’ll give you  my score prediction as well as how I feel about the spread and the over/under. I will also give my offensive and defensive keys to the Eagles success. And lastly, I will give my bold predictions for the game. So, let’s get into it.

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Week 3 Film Breakdown: Wendell Smallwood

Throughout his short career, Eagle’s fans have criticized Wendell Smallwood. Due to the injury situation at running back for the Birds, those criticisms intensified leading up to the Colts game. Some of the criticisms have been fair, like his inability to stay on the field, but others have been unfairly exaggerated, like saying he is not a capable running back because he has some shortcomings. I wanted to take a look for myself at what Wendell Smallwood is doing on the field that people dislike.

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All Aboard the Hype Train!

Carson Wentz is a freak. I think that about sums it up. We saw his MVP-esque 2017 campaign tragically come to an end after a non-contact knee injury. And yet, just nine months later, he was out there leading our Eagles to a victory over Andrew Luck and the Colts. I know today wasn’t the cleanest, most convincing game, but I am very optimistic about this team going forward. There are a few reasons for my optimism, but the first and most important is Carson Wentz being back under center.

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Wide Receiver Corp Gets Thinner

Don’t worry, folks. “In Howie We Trust.” So, let me recap where we are on the Eagles Wide Receiver corp. Alshon Jeffery doesn’t have a return date. I think he is a little further away from being back than people think. Mack Hollins can’t return for another six or seven weeks due to the injury designation the Eagles placed on him. Mike Wallace is done for the season after an injury in Week 2. DeAndre Carter was just waived to make room for Josh Adams on the 53-man roster. So, as of this moment, here are your Eagles receivers: Nelson Agholor, Kamar Aiken and Shelton Gibson….That is it. I know some of you were expecting that list to continue, but unfortunately, it doesn’t. So the question is, where do the Eagles go from here?

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Ranking the Eagle’s Roster Concerns for 2018

We are rapidly approaching free agency and the NFL draft, which for the Super Bowl Champion Eagles, is going to be very interesting. I have seen a lot of mock drafts already this year based on what the Eagles “need” going into the 18-19 season. This article, however, is aimed more at which positions I am least/most concerned about going into next year. This doesn’t mean that because I have a certain position as the #1 concern that I think the Birds are going to use their 1st round pick on that position. I would just expect A LOT of focus in free agency, draft, trades, etc. to be geared towards that position. So let’s get started with the position I think is of least concern for the Eagles, #12-Defensive End. Continue reading “Ranking the Eagle’s Roster Concerns for 2018”

My Thoughts Heading into the Offseason

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